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Whether you'd like to dive deep into symptoms you're struggling with like digestive issues, low mood and energy, skin issues, hormonal changes, or you just want to generally feel better and learn how to best fuel your body, I am here to help guide you in whichever direction best suits you!

Afternoon Light


My approach to nutrition is rooted in the belief that there is no one "diet" that works for every person. Every one of us has our totally unique body, genetics, and set of circumstances that make us who we are. In my practice, instead of a one-diet-fits all approach, we embrace your personal bio-individuality!  We work together to explore your current lifestyle, any barriers to change, and experiences that make you who you are, while moving away from diet culture and restriction-mentality. My philosophy challenges short-term dieting and utilizes intuitive eating principles to support lasting change. What I've found to be most successful long-term is implementing small, consistent habits over time that naturally become part of your routine.

This type of coaching requires full commitment from both myself and you as a client. It's not a quick fix, and though you will likely notice changes fairly quickly if you are invested in implementing recommendations, long-term lasting changes simply take time. It requires patience and small, daily action that accumulates over time to create BIG change.

Making big change requires support and guidance, and that's what I'm here for! In the end, my goal is for you to become the expert in tuning into what your body is telling you and nourishing it in the ways it needs.


Choose from Deep Wellness Coaching or Procoach Online Coaching (or a combination of both) depending on your goals and needs.



This tier of coaching offers the most in-depth look into your historical and current eating habits, lifestyle, self-care practices, & any signals your body is sending to let us know it needs support. I use a detailed nutritional assessment tool, food + mood journal analysis, and info gathered from our initial conversations to meet you where you are and give targeted, personalized recommendations. 

This process is designed to support you and your body's natural ability to restore balance by simply giving you the guidance for the proper tools and nourishment you need to thrive!  



  • Initial Interview Session (1.25hr call) + a Follow-Up Recommendations Session (1hr call)

  • Food + Mood Journal Analysis

  • Nutri-Q Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire

  • Collaborative Short + Long Term Goal Setting

  • Detailed Personalized Recommendations Form

    • Includes nutrition, lifestyle, and eating habits recommendations.

    • Also includes targeted supplement recommendations if desired/indicated by assessments.


  • One hour follow-up calls with new recommendations protocol based on progress

  • Periodically includes Food+Mood Journal Analysis and Nutri-Q re-evaluation when indicated to help assess progress.


  • 40 minute coaching call between longer recommendations sessions meant to work through challenges, answer questions, + support you however you need!

All work is virtual, either by phone or video call.

What is Deep

Wellness Coaching?

As a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, I guide folks using the power of properly prepared, nutrient-dense whole foods alongside positive lifestyle practices implemented at your own pace. The main nutritional foundations we focus on are:


Digestion + Elimination, Blood Sugar Regulation, Hydration, Fatty Acid Balance, and Mineral Balance.


Through the comprehensive nutritional assessment questionnaire, intake forms, and initial session, we'll review your unique situation and work to better support these foundations. Very often we don't even know we are having issues with some of these fundamentals until we delve in deeper to assess and connect the dots! 

Who is this work for?

Anyone experiencing things like:

  • feeling unsatisfied by meals/cravings after meals

  • low energy, energy crashes

  • blood sugar swings/crankiness+headaches b/t meals

  • mild to moderate digestive concerns (gas, bloating, reflux, irregularity, etc.)

  • cravings for sugar and highly processed foods

  • cycles of dieting/feeling like you don’t know how to eat 

  • uncharacteristic hormonal changes

  • recurring acne + other skin flares

  • overwhelm with meal prep and shopping

  • imbalance or struggles with stress, sleep, movement 

  • generally just not feeling your best or desire to improve your overall health + well-being


What is Procoach?

Procoach  is an online coaching platform by Precision Nutrition that I use with clients who are looking to make more general positive changes in their nutrition and lifestyle habits. This is great for folks who aren't dealing with a set of specific symptoms like mentioned above, but may just want to learn more about nutrition and implement lasting changes like: more balanced meals, better hydration, meal planning/prep, more consistent energy, stress management, sleep strategies, etc. While I don't specifically focus on or specialize in body recomposition, this is a common goal for folks.

This coaching can also be used in conjunction with our Nutritional Therapy Sessions outlined above if you're looking for more consistent check-ins and accountability between sessions.

How does it work?

  • I'll send your intake forms with a range of questions about your goals, current nutrition and lifestyle habits, etc. 

  • Our first call will focus in discussing all of these things in more detail and collaborating on new practices to focus on for the month. 

  • You can download the app or use the web browser and plan to spend about 5-10 minutes here each day where you'll see your new practice reminders, + browse and read short lessons of your choosing on the practices/topics we're focusing on.

  • We will communicate via the messaging function of the platform throughout each week. I'll give you feedback, answer any questions you might have, and offer support.

This style of coaching does come with a consistent time investment, so be sure you're ready to commit a few minutes per day (most days - nobody's perfect!) to focus on yourself and your new healthy practices. Think about those extra minutes might use on tv or social media now that you could invest in yourself for the long term! 

My Procoach Online Coaching is done all virtually either on a web browser or via the PN Coaching app if you have a smartphone. The Procoach developers have used their evidence-based coaching platform model with over 100,000 people and I've loved using this coaching tool with my clients. Procoach is the platform, with me as your coach and guide!


Your coaching program is fully customized by me according to your goals/needs, your preferences and eating styles. My goal is to meet you where you are, help you set attainable goals, and help you learn more about the basics of nutrition, meal prepping, and important self-care strategies. As we go along and as you progress, we can add or change whichever practices you'd like to focus on over time.

We can focus in on one practice at a time or tackle a couple of different things at once, depending on where you are and what you'd like to accomplish.


Practices include things like:

  • Eat Enough Vegetables

  • Eat Enough Protein

  • Choose Better Fats

  • Stay Hydrated

  • Plan Your Meals

  • Eat Slowly and Minduflly

  • Spend More Time Moving

  • Do a Mind-Body Scan

  • Create a Sleep Ritual

  • Think on a Continuum


  • ProCoach Online coaching includes one 45-minute call per month (1hr for your first month) to discuss goals/intentions, new practices, progress, barriers.

  • Food + Mood Journal Analysis (optional, but recommended).

  • Minimum twice-weekly 1:1 feedback and support from me via the messaging function. 

  • 24/7 access to the coaching platform/lessons.

  • Optional Plate Guide and Shopping Lists.

  • Help with recipes and cooking techniques.

  • Food Journaling Option Available.


Month-to-Month Coaching // $95 per month

3-Month Package // $250 (discounted from monthly rate)

Additional Check-In Call // $40 for 45 minute call

*For you to get the most out of your journey (+ because real change takes time!), I do require a minimum 3-month commitment to this online coaching.


Ready to take the next steps? Click here to get in touch!


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